Gigawatt PC-2 EVO

Gigawatt PC-2 EVO

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Acondicionador de Red con cable de conexion LC-1 MK3

El acondicionador de Red PC-2 EVO es un acondicionador de energía de alta calidad, diseñado para proteger los sistemas de audio y vídeo de alta gama.

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The PC-2 EVO conditioner is made from high quality elements. Due to the increased efficiency of the new filtering circuits they
were mounted using silver solder on massive PCBs with double-fold content of copper compared to standard PCB. The one layered
PCBs have very wide conductive traces made from 70 micrometer thick copper. Damping of the interference is made in RLC type
filtering blocks, built using, among other things, metallized polyester capacitors with low inductance and IP (Iron Powder) core
In this conditioner we also resigned from using traditional protective elements, like wire or thermal fuses, which throttle the free
flow of current to the protected circuits and by this have a negative influence on the sound. The overvoltage protection of the
conditioner is guaranteed by the start block, which contains plasma spark gaps, next-generations of UltraMOV varistors and an
initial filter. Those elements, working together with a well designed, modern power grid, warrant a complex protection against
overcurrent and overvoltage.
Optionally, the power conditioner can be equipped with the circuit, which eliminates unwanted DC component from the mains (DC
Offset Blocker). The Direct Current component (DC Offset) is a very unfavorable phenomenon, which exists in almost every
electrical grid. It results in the Alternating Current (AC) sine wave become asymmetrical, what negatively influences any device
using transformers. Their cores get magnetized, what translates in higher operating noise (hum), diminished efficiency of the
power supply and finally in degraded sound. The DC blocker effectively eliminates this phenomenon without causing any
compression or having any other negative influence on the sound.

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