Auralic Sirius G2.1

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El upsampling AURALiC SIRIUS G2.1 es una adición muy especial. Este upsampling superior de AURALiC garantiza que todos los flujos de datos de su ARIES Streaming Transport se conviertan a una resolución DSD512 con la ayuda de Lightning Link Jitter-free, con el que AURALiC VEGA DAC ofrece la mayor calidad de sonido posible. Además de su uso con un AURALiC DAC, este procesador de muestreo superior también es perfectamente adecuado para su uso con DAC de otros fabricantes. Para utilizar el AURALiC SIRIUS G2.1 en todas las configuraciones imaginables, tiene entradas y salidas AES, COAX, Toslink y USB.

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The Auralic Sirius G2.1 upsampler has been upgraded with the Unity Chassis II. This new high-grade aluminum enclosure has an inner housing made of solid copper, which provides greater stability and better EMI shielding. It also has a new solid metal base plate with four dampening feet that use springs that are tuned at different frequencies to prevent unwanted vibrations from entering the unit.

Auralic Sirius G2.1 Upsampling Processor operates on an open standard, allowing music lovers to upgrade both the processing power and the original performance envelope of their Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs), whether they’re using an Auralic branded DAC, or one developed by another manufacturer.

Auralic Sirius G2.1 shoulders the data processing burden typically handled by a DAC. This outsourcing of processing duties dramatically reduces the amount of distortion and jitter typically passed into the conversion stage, thereby allowing the DAC to be fed a pure, efficient, and low-distortion stream of digital data. The measurements of this reduction in noise are well beyond what is currently available from other manufacturers.

Since most DAC chips have been designed to work best in a particular mode (DSD128 or PCM in 192 kHz, as examples), not necessarily the highest or lowest possible resolution, Sirius G2.1 will optimize and improve the performance of any DAC in its native or most comfortable ‘Sweet Spot’, fulfilling the DAC’s potential, no matter the incoming resolution of the file being played back.

Sirius G2.1 delivers to the DAC a wide variety of resolutions and formats and can accept any input data with sampling rates from 44.1 kHz to 384 kHz in PCM, or DSD64 to DSD512. Inputs and outputs onboard Sirius G2.1 are varied and plentiful. Standing apart from its peers, Sirius G2.1 can output USB, in any format, including PCM in 384 kHz and DSD512 with extremely low distortion. This increased flexibility adds yet again to the list of the number of DACs eligible for optimization and enhancement provided by Sirius G2.1.

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